About Us
Cue Startup Origin Story
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Everlink started life back in 2018. We knew technology had the power to change the world and make people’s lives easier and better - and we wanted to be a part of it.

But why ultrasound?

Well, back when our CEO Isaac was working the room at conferences and events, he got sick and tired of handling business cards. Why couldn’t information be shared in a more frictionless, digital-savvy way, one that didn’t involve pointless paper wastage?

Anyway, that’s when he met our CTO Nathan and they brainstormed how information could be shared between smart-devices - NFC, Bluetooth, QRC, Google Nearby, Bump - you name it, they reviewed it.

It was integral that the experience should be seamless, just the simple ‘swish’ of a phone. It also had to work on any smart-device, so no additional hardware. NFC doesn’t work cross-platform, Bluetooth’s fixed range makes it uncompromising, and QR codes... well do we need to explain this one? Nothing solved every problem.

That’s when we hit on sound. Every smart-device has a microphone and speaker and when you go to ultrasonic frequencies you can make the process invisible and almost magical. But existing sonic-technologies weren’t good enough. They all used the same archetypal binary process which was slow, prone to failure and incredibly hard to configure.

So we did what anyone would do and took the best bits of the technology we knew we needed (NFC’s speed, Bluetooth’s accuracy, ultrasound’s user experience) and invented an entirely new process called Everlink.

Since then we’ve been working hard to create our SDKs. We’ve made sure Everlink is easy to integrate - we love developers and want to give them the freedom to play.

The Everlink technology has a huge range of applications (if you can think it, we can do it - honestly try us). Our mission is to help businesses create incredible customer experiences that address the needs of today and unlock the potential of tomorrow.

Meet the Team
Animated image of Jess Hoyland, Everlink's Chief Operating Officer.
Jess Hoyland
Animated image of Isaac Harmer, Everlink's Chief Executive Officer.
Isaac Harmer
Animated image of Nathan Kuruvilla, Everlink's Chief Technical Officer.
Nathan Kuruvilla
Animated image of Matt Scheybeler, Everlink's Technical Advisor.
Matt Scheybeler
Technical Advisor
Animated image of Dan Bennett, Everlink's Software Developer.
Dan Bennett
Software Developer