Broadcast SDK
Say hello to frictionless proof-of-presence
Broadcast distinct audio-codes at locations to verify multiple users instantly and simultaneously.
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Pulsing pattern symbolising Everlink's ultrasonic technology

Let’s break it down

Now more than ever customers want to feel safe in a COVID-19 world. With the Broadcast SDK create frictionless check-in and locationing experiences to maximise social distancing and drive efficiency.

Step 1
Link a location with an audio-code

The smart-device emits an ultrasonic audio-code, creating a sonic-sphere unique to that location. You can fill an entire room by playing the code out of a speaker.

Image showing an emitting device playing an audio code through a speaker.
Image showing an emitting device playing an audio code through a speaker and users detecting the code.
Step 2
User arrives at the location and detects the audio-code

The user is at the right location and needs to verify their presence. They can do this by opening an app or clicking a URL link sent through SMS or email. Now their phone detects the audiocode.

Step 3
Our server verifies the user’s presence

Our server analyses the audio-code, matches it to the site and returns a token. You now know your customer is where they’re supposed to be, and they’ve verified their presence seamlessly.

Image showing the users' devices sending the detected audio code to the Everlink servers.
Image showing the hygienic benefits of using Everlink technology.
Optimise social distancing

Allow users to verify anywhere and avoid common points of contact (like touch pads and screens).

Image showing how Everlink technology allows unlimited numbers of customers to be verified.
Unlimited customer verification

There’s no limit to the number of customers you can verify in the sonic-sphere.

Image showing how Everlink helps to eliminate queues
Help eliminate queues

Say goodbye to queues! Multiple customers can now verify simultaneously and self-serve easily.

Delight your customers and keep them safe

Whether you’re striving for CX greatness or wanting to run your business safely, the Broadcast SDK is the solution you’ve been looking for.

The beauty of our technology is it feels like magic. Customers can experience a new world that you’ve created simply through sound, where they can prove their presence with the seamless swish of a phone.

Create future-ready, awe-inspiring experiences that delight and protect your customers.

Pulsing pattern showing Everlink's ultrasonic technology. Image showing a couple wearing masking checking in at a hotel using Everlink technology to allow maximum social distancing.
Technology that works like magic
Image showing how Everlink allows for exact proof of presence
Absolute proof of presence

Never worry about whether or not your users are onsite again.

Image showing how Everlink works with apps on any device and in-browser on the web
Flexible Deployment

We’re all about flexibility and are compatible with apps or URLs.

Image showing how setting up with Everlink is low cost and simple
Low cost set up

No complex or long implementation times, just simple SDKs and any standard speaker.

See how this can apply to your business
A little goes a long way

We’ve made the Broadcast SDK as simple to integrate as possible, with step by step documentation to get you where you need to be.

To maximise the Broadcast potential we’ve also made it easy to use existing infrastructure, like on-site speakers or smart-terminals. As long as the device can emit and receive sound you’re good to go. You can customise the range of your sonic-sphere so that verification can happen within centimetres or metres.

So who said innovation needs to cost the earth?

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Pulsing pattern showing Everlink's ultrasonic technology. Image showing people getting onto public transport, another potential use of Everlink technology.
Create The Ultimate Smart Building
Revolutionise tenant experience with the Broadcast SDK

Turn any building into a truly smart building at a fraction of the cost (just compare us to Bluetooth beacons). Let ultrasound be the unifying technology that unlocks better visitor management, control access, contact tracing, wayfinding and more.

Great for
Image showing how the Broadcast SDK allows for frictionless check-ins.
Frictionless Check-ins
Image showing how Everlink is great for population safeguarding.
Population Safeguarding
Image showing how Everlink has usecases for various IoT interactions.
IoT Interactions
What are the benefits?
Service Provider
Keep your customers happy with an unrivalled tenant experience
Protect your customers’ staff and visitors with touchless experiences
Transform processes with little up-front investment and engineering effort
Experience innovative processes that delight and feel effortless
Gain confidence to get back to doing things you love
Feel comfort in the knowledge that locationing only occurs on-site
See how this can apply to your business
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